Job Interview – How to give a great one

Once you have applied for a job that interests you the next step is normally a recruitment consultant or hiring manager of the company that you have applied to will want to interview you (if you are a match for the position they are aiming to fill).

From a job interview a potential employer is trying to discover whether you have what it takes to do the job that they have advertised, they will also be thinking about how you are going to “fit” into the company culture.

Most employers are hoping that when they hire someone, that person will end up making valuable contributions to the company they have joined. Get it wrong and the consequences can become very painful for everyone involved.

More often than not the first interview is just one small step in the process. A 2nd or even 3rd interview is very normal these days. Prepare yourself for psychometric testing, and skill verification tests.

The following are points that will help if you are looking to make a great impression..

The Dos

  • Research the company, visit the website and find out everything you can about the history, management structure, size and every other aspect you can think of.
  • Dress in a professional manner relevant to the position you are applying for.(better to overdress than under-dress if you are not sure)
  • Be on time for the interview, but not too early, 5 minutes early is perfect wait in the car if you are any earlier.
  • Be courteous and respectful to whoever you come across before the interview starts and after it has finished. (e.g PA, receptionist etc)
  • Politely decline a drink if offered one.(Unless of course they are having one)
  • Be prepared for the usual questions e.g tell us about yourself, why do you want this job, tell us about a time you were challenged etc.
  • Highlight your positive strengths
  • If asked for your weak points use strong weak points. e.g Sometimes I don’t know when to give up and go home etc.
  • Ask sensible questions about what a typical day would involve, major responsibilities things like that.

The Donts

  • DO NOT bag your previous employer, whatever the situation. This is never a good option under any circumstances no matter how justified you may think it is.
  • Dont bring up any negatives about yourself at all
  • Do not swear, say yes instead of yep
  • Do not flirt with the interviewer even if you think it will help you get the job!
  • Do not ask about the salary especially at the first interview, it will come up by itself sooner or later.
  • Dont ask silly questions like how often the breaks are, or how many times you can go out for a cigarette.

Follow the above tried and trusted basics, and you will certainly not do your job chances any harm. Remember they are looking to find the right person, you should also be in a way seeing if the employer is going to fit your requirements. You may spend a significant portion of your life working at this place.

Interview horror stories..

Disclaimer This is just one persons opinion and anyone should use their own judgement and carry out extensive research before applying for jobs and going to job interviews!

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