Dairy Farm Jobs in New Zealand

For many young people in Europe one of the best ways to see New Zealand and get paid for doing it is by taking one of the many Dairy Farm Jobs that are available in New Zealand.

There are certain periods of the year in New Zealand where there is very high demand for Dairy Farm workers, they generally work on a 1st June until 31st May calendar period, and the focus is on a season’s activity.

The sharemilking system is very unique to New Zealand. Around 40% of NZ dairy farms operate with the sharemilking structure which we discuss below.

Variable Order Sharemilkers
This is where the sharemilker contributes a percentage of the costs and in return is paid a percentage of the income.

50% Sharemilkers
This is where the sharemilker owns most or all of the cows and the the ensueing profits are split with the dairy farm’s owner. This meanse that the sharemilker can start from a modest investment and build up assets over time.

One thing is certain whatever the structure there are plenty of dairy farm jobs for willing and experienced workers. You can take a look at a site like Marvin Farms if you are interested in finding out more. You can read through some of the testimonials on the site to see how others have enjoyed the experience.

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  1. Hi! Good Day. I just want to know if i can be part of your dairy farm there in NZ. I already finished taking special course in Dairy Production and Management at Central Mindanao University. As a proof I do have already a certificate of it.

    You can keep me touch at smile_010383@yahoo.com. for an advice.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  2. I would like to go to NZ & work in a Dairy farm which gives great opportunity & career advancement. I have 3 years work experience in dairy farming & attended trainings in prestigious university. I have also undergone intensive training in a big dairy farm. Please help me look for a good employer. Thanks in advance.

  3. i am prviously working here in the Philippines as a farm worker and i came to like to work there in New Zealand.

    I am also skilled on automechanics, masonry and carpentry. I wish to look for a job i am qualified to by your agency. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you and more power.


  5. I mexican and i am interested in go to N Z,because de situation in my country is very hard, I worked in a dairy farm in california for almost 2 years and a i want to know how can i do for obtain a job there.
    Now i live in canada but i go back to mexico in december i don”t know if you can help me

  6. hi i wana work down in newzealand in the farm as i have worked on my farm with small number of cows n bullocks i have the experience as well on farm .

  7. i am professional in dairy farm managments -i have 8 years experience ,is it possible to find a permenant jop-i am dvm

  8. My wife and I wants to immigrate and are interested in farmwork. We do not have permits yet. Could we be considered?

  9. Hi! I am Saif from Bangladesh. I know NZ is world famous for her Dairy Industry. I am ready to start my career in this sector. Hope it would be much amusing an challenging as well.

  10. Dear brothers and sisters,

    i am Horticulturist, M.Sc.,Horticulture with 5 years exp in Horticulture. i belongs to india and had been working there at Malaysia and Bahrain. Presently i am looking for job at Newzealand, dear brothers and sisters kindly give me the guidance regarding above. My e.mail sraja_horti@yahoo.com. thank you

  11. Hello!
    I am a graduate of dairy production and management and I have already experienced 3 dairy farm jobs and currently I work in a korean company as there volunteer worker. I hope I can have a chance to work with your company.
    Thank you!

  12. Hi! I’m looking for a dairy farm job in new zealand. I finished my training for 6 months and experience a 1 month volunteer worker in a korean dairy farm here in the philippines. I hope you can help me! thanks!

  13. Dear Sir, I am ineresting about a farm job
    if request me for your works, i can work my best under you.I am from Sri L anka.

    Thank you.

  14. Hello everyone!!!! I;m looking for Dairy Farm Job here in NZ, my working visa was already approved last jan. 23 this year as Dairy Farm Assistant. I am willing to work here anytime. Thank you and more power.

  15. kim T. Liston//May 28,2009 at 8:10 pm

    Hi,I’m interested in farm job in New Zewland,i have my experience for 2yrs. at st. benedict farm
    anytime can go.thanks….

  16. hi we are couple and we are seeking a job as a dairy farm worker we are both willing to work in new zealand.

  17. hi, i am animal science graduate, i have a one year dairy experience, i grow up and currently working at our ranch. im very interested to work in new zealand..plz email to me…thnks.

  18. hello, my name is joaquin, im from uruguay south america and i am 19 years old. I am very interested in a dairy farm job in new zealand, im in the south island now, so it would be better for me is the farm is the south island. if you have some vacancy please let me know ( send me a mail). thank you

  19. Hi good day. I am interested in dairy farm worker. Iam a graduate of veterinary medicine with 6 years dairy farm worker in saudi arabia. thanks. available anytime.

  20. Hi there,
    we are a chilean/german couple looking for dairy farm work on the north island with a valid working holiday visa.
    We don’t have any experience in dairy farming but worked in orchards before.
    Can anyone give us some tips how to find some work?! Is it the best to contact an agency or the farms by itself???

    Thanks for your help :o)


  22. I am a Tanzanian aged 33 years, a graduate with Barchellor of Sience In Animal Science and production. I am so much intrested to work in one of the NZ dairy industry.

  23. hi am tabrez now leaving in samoa but am from fiji i am most interested in dairy farming.pliz if any one could give me a break for once i would be more greatful to you.at the moment am a planter in samoa and selling me crops for a living . pliz contact me on tabrez_fono@yahoo.com

  24. presently working in dairy farm in kuwait for 3years more. experience in milking processor maintenance and mechanical technician,driving,welding. painting,carpenter..and as well as knowledge on documentation process…willing to go anytime,thanks for guiding us…

  25. hi im cris from Philippines. i recently worked from a dairy farm somewhere in mindanao. i am looking for job in newzealand. i realy need help.

  26. I am employed as an agriculture officer in Fiji.
    I have a diploma and bacherlor in agriculture.
    I want to work in the NZ Dairy industry.


  27. Hi there, my husband and i are hard working kiwi’s, looking for a career in dairy farming. we both have a little bit of experience and i have a farming up bringing. Please help us find a decent career change.

  28. Hello,

    I am an Indian, hard worker, enthusiastic, honset, and currently working in Heritage Foods (I) Ltd., in Maharashtra, as Sr. Exec. (QA), having experience of 7 years and completed M.Sc. in Dairy.
    If anyone have reqiurement as per my qualification and experience plz. contact me.

    Lone M. D.

  29. Sir, I am a laborious Ex-Serviceman (47Yrs). I am interested in Dairy Farm in official capacity or any other job available. Kindly intimate eligibility criteria. Thanks.
    Jagdish Singh

  30. my name is deepak parajuli,im from Nepal i haveing experience of 4years complited in almarai dairy farm .
    2years in parlour ,2years hoof trimming in health depart,. Sir, I am a laborious i can driving also .looking for a career in dairy farming,if iget chance i hooping for the best ..thank ‘s

  31. Hi i am from india.i like to work in new zealand as a dairy farmer.can anybody help me out. my dairy farming experience three years. i can drive tractors etc. pls cont.9781356971

  32. Are there any job vacancies for a dairy farm job in your company? I have 2yrs of experience in dairy farming and still counting. Graduate of BS Agriculture (Animal Science) specialized in Dairy Production. Currently working in a dairy farm. johnpaul.caunan@yahoo.com

  33. hello, my name is Charanjeet Singh, i m from India and i am 24 years old. I have done 10+2. I have 2 year Experience in (Dairy Farm) Agriculture. I am very interested in a dairy farm job in Auckland New Zealand, , so it would be better for me is the farm is the Auckland. if you have some vacancy please let me know ( send me a mail). thank you

  34. hello, my name is Charanjeet Singh, i m from India and i am 24 years old. I have done 10+2. I have 2 year Experience in (Dairy Farm) Agriculture. I am very interested in a dairy farm job in Auckland New Zealand, , so it would be better for me is the farm is the Auckland. if you have some vacancy please let me know send me a mail. dpl3055@yahoo.com thank you

  35. hello, my name is Charanjeet Singh, i m from India and i am 24 years old. I have done 10+2. I have 2 year Experience in (Dairy Farm) Agriculture. I am very interested in a dairy farm job in Auckland New Zealand, , so it would be better for me is the farm is the Auckland. if you have some vacancy please let me know send me a mail. dpl3055@yahoo.com thank you

  36. i`m working on a multinational dairy company here in the philippines and i would like to learn more about dairy, i want to work on a dairy farm in new zealand, is there somebody who can help me to work in new zealand…

  37. hi my name is dennis a. vergara im from philippines.i am interested in dairy farm or any other job available. if i get a chance i hoping for the best…. thanks and god bless you.

  38. hello
    I am a young Cameroonian, I stay in Cameroon, I would learn your culture, I seek an internship or a job in your country, on a farm or ranch I love agriculture and animal husbandry
    I also trained in cooking, service and accommodation I am a person of good character, also with a good physique, I like the teamwork I remain at your disposal thank you
    Eone Eone willy oscar

  39. hi, this is hira from nepal. i have 7 years experience of dairy farm of the saudi arabia from al marai company ltd and i have intention to go to new zealand and work with any of newzealand dairy farm. so if you have a opportunities for me please let me once. also i had applyed from new delhi but they did not give me visa when i applyed 1st january 2007. kind regard.

  40. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a Thai from Thailand 33 years old. I graduated Bachelar’s Degree in Animal Science at Rajamangala Institute of Technology as March 10, 2002 .
    I have 5 years work experience in dairy farming
    I am intrested to work in one of the NZ dairy Farm.

    I am looking forward to hear you very soon.

    With Regards,

  41. hi,i’m looking for dairy farm job,,i have been almost 2 years as a dairy farming(milker) and still working here in hokkaido japan for the last 1 year and my contract end on march 2013,please help me,,thanks!

  42. My name is Majid. I am a vet with 5 year farm jobs work experience.For being qualified for migration to New Zealand I need just one year work experience .Is any one want to find a good qualified worker for free accomdation and food .I am very skilled in working with farm animals I want to work for a farm completely free for work experience.

  43. I am a married South African male in my mid 40s with two sons and wish to immigrate to New Zealand. I am hard working and mechanical minded and have been in my currant job now for over 20 years and willing to do what ever work I am offered . I am looking for a sponsor in the agriculture sector. Thanks Hannes.

  44. Am kenyan aged 32yrs married with 3children ijust want to work in nz n in dairy section kindly help me

  45. I am a science graduate with managerial experience over 15 years(also have Experience in IT), but I would like to get a job as a dairy manager, please contact if any employer wishing to offer me a job.I am available immediately.

  46. hi i m basically a farmer.i have lot of experience in dairy farming so plzzzzzzzz give me a chance to proove myself.

  47. hi i am Gopal reddy aged 34 yrs married i need job for dairy farminfarmingg i have a Experience 4yrs in dairy i am available immediately please contact mob-+919008372794

  48. Hello .I am krunal. I was a volunteer in Israel. Doing job in dairy. As sharemilker. How can I go for . further study in nz. In dairy.farm.

  49. as like others i am also interested to work in New Z eland’s dairy farming right now i am working as a security guard in UAE

  50. i am manoj from srilanka.i alredy wark in dairy company as lab teqnition .i know to make yoghurt. curd.drinking yoghurt as so on.i khow milk testing method so i am loking job in new zeland dairy fild .i hope to stady aboud the milk so i think nz is sutable cuntry for this.some one want to cantact me this is my e -mail adrese.and phone nunber +0940710100569

  51. Looking for a position in a successful dairy farm with an opportunity for advancement based on skills,experience, performance and passion
    I have 10 years of experience(Diet formulation – AI – Management – Milking – Software)

  52. I am 29 years old Bangladeshi citizen, and hold the BA hons Business Administration with Marketing in major degree, I have agricultural experience for more than 8 years in Bangladesh, Including Horticulture, cattle feed, fishing, cultivation, harvesting etc. cold you please tell me how can I approach to get a dairy firm job contract in Newzeland, e.g. website for overseas applicants, any recruitment agency.

    Regards and Thanks

  53. I am an experienced dairy worker looking for a dairy job and is willing to work harmoniously in terms of multi-tasking. I am optimistically hoping for your response. You can reach me with this contact. 09365071174. Thank you.

  54. I am very much interested from Nepal to do job in Cow Farm in New Zealand since i have 4 years experience in such fields. If any Farm or Person interested than please contact me.

  55. I am very much interested to do job in Cow Farm in New Zealand and I have 4 years experience in such field. I am from Nepal if any Farm or Person wants me than please contact me.

  56. Hi, I am Bangladeshi. I want to go NZ for work with dairy farm .I have 2 years experience. please any one except me .
    please mail me :rajusumi01763@gmail.com

    thank you

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