Minimum Wage in NZ, Australia, USA, Canada and Europe

Imagine working for minimum wage and trying to support your family. Certainly not something any of us strive for – however reality for many workers in todays tough economic times.

As our Jobhunter sites cover Europe, United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada we decided to check each country’s minimum wage so we can see which country overall has the lowest and which has the highest.

We do not look at cost of living or anything like that, just a straight dollar for dollar comparison.

United States of America – Minimum Hourly Wage
We start in America. The federal minimum wage in the States is US$7.25 per hour.

Canada – Minimum Hourly Wage
In Canada the range varies by province/territory. From C$8.00 to C$11.00 per hour.

Australia – Minimum Hourly Wage
Australia have a weekly minimum wage of $570 a week. Over a 40 hour week that’s A$14.25 per hour.

New Zealand- Minimum Hourly Wage
NZ have a minimum wage of NZ$13 an hour with another tier set at NZ$10.40 per hour for persons aged 16 or 17 and for persons who are currently in training. For under 16 year olds there is no minimum.

United Kingdom – Minimum Hourly Wage
£5.93 per hour (over 21), £4.92 per hour (ages 18–20), £3.64 per hour (under 18 and finished compulsory education) or £2.50 per hour (apprentice rate, for apprentices under 19 or 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship)

When you consider cost of living and convert currencies, Australia is probably the best place to be living if you are planning on earning minimum wage. Maybe we should put politicians on minimum wage and see what happens then!

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