The Worst Things You Can Do in a Job Interview

Often we talk about what you should do in an interview and the right things to do prior and during the job interview process.

This time however our focus is on what NOT to do in an interview.

Once you have had a read of this article we also have several previous posts with a positive spin on the best Interview tips and tricks.

As always we are interested in your feedback, so whether you are a job hunter, or an employer please leave us a comment with anything we may have missed here.

If it’s a good suggestion, we will and do, update our articles to provide the best information to our candidates.

Appearance – DO NOTS

  • Wearing Sunglasses
  • Wrong clothes
  • Too much perfume or aftershave
  • Unshaven
  • Not enough anti-perspirant
  • Smelling like cigarette smoke

Timekeeping- DO NOTS

  • Arriving late
  • Arriving too early
  • Trying to speed up the interview because of somewhere you need to be

The interview – DO NOTS

  • Talking about salary first
  • Lying about your experience/skills
  • Bad mouthing your ex employer
  • Forgetting what is in your Resume
  • Not researching the company or the role for which you are applying
  • Flirting with the Interviewer
  • Making racial or politically incorrect comments
  • Negativity

So as long as you fully prepare yourself by also reading our other articles showing the right things to do and say, you will be ready for whatever is thrown your way!


1 thought on “The Worst Things You Can Do in a Job Interview”

  1. Thanks for the tips, I have an interview tomorrow so brushing up on everything. I really want this job so don’t want to mess it up.

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