The Workplace Bully – Exposed!

Back in early 2011 I wrote an article about Bullying in the workplace. I remember at the time being amazed by the prevelance of this, particularly in industries like Hospitality. It seems that we as a society tend to put up with it to some extent.

Unfortunately the very victims of workplace bullying are often reluctant to bring visibility to what’s going on. They are perhaps scared of losing their jobs, or bringing attention to the fact that they are not comfortable standing up to a colleague or supervisor.

HR departments are always an option, however if they cannot help and satisfactorily resolve the situation, often the only thing left to do is to start looking for another job and resign.

In New Zealand and Australia it can be tricky to succeed taking an employer to court and proving that you have been unduly harrassed and/or bullied in your job. It is seldom a straightforward or obvious matter so it can be difficult to win/prove a case.

However… this is where it gets interesting. What if harrassed employees could anonymously name their bullying colleagues and they were displayed for the world to see? Shareholders and companies could then be made aware they have in their employ a person that is being complained about as a workplace bully.

We thought about creating a site and letting people submit the company and name of the bullies that they were dealing with or had dealt with in the past. Freedom of speech on the internet is a wonderful thing, just look at the ratemyteachers sites that have popped up, or ratemyboss, etc.

Once enough data is harvested and we clarify the legal aspects of it all, we will look at putting up the top ten, twenty or even one hundred bullies in the country along with the reasons.

Wouldn’t you like a site where you could check and see whether your prospective employer had a reputation for workplace bullying?

Let us know what you think. Would you be in support of a site such as the one suggested? Would you consult it when considering job prospects or perhaps have some names of your own to add to the list?

NZ – Workplace bully submissions now open
Aus – Report workplace bullies here

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