Jobhunters Services

The newest addition to our site, is Jobhunters Services. The idea for this site came about after recognising the need for a site which offered a place for people and companies to advertise their services free of charge.

If you or your company offer mechanical, building, legal, nannying, marketing, medical, security, cleaning or other services WE WANT YOU! Best of all, its free!

Everyone who signs up between now and April 30th will have their listings extended for one year, completely free of charge.

Sites like Trademe also offer the opportunity to list your service, however, ours has the advantage of not hitting you in the pocket – not to mention the fact that we directly link to your website and have a whole page dedicated to your service/company ensuring that Google searches will also head your way.

Click here to register on Jobhunters Services and start building your success story today!

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