Feeling stuck in your job? – Employee Disengagement

As the world goes through one of the toughest economic times in recent history, a high percentage of employees are becoming increasingly disengaged in their jobs.

When times are tough it can be tempting to stay put, as a secure position is surely worth something when so many are struggling to find work at all.

A recent survey of 411 workplaces in the US, by Right Management, showed that more than 60% of the workers expressed themselves as either unsatisfied, or somewhat unsatisfied in their jobs. Only 19% of the respondents described themselves as satisfied.

Employers are in an unenviable position and are having a challenge put to them – how to engage their workforce? An engaged workforce not only creates a more pleasant working environment but can also greatly increase productivity, and as a result of that, profitability.

The team at Jobhunters have done considerable research on this very subject and, as a result, have found that the below areas are crucial when it comes to building engagement from staff

  • Effective development/training opportunities
  • The opportunity for employees to grow and progress in their roles
  • Open communication from management
  • An emotional connection to the company (make employees feel that they are immensely valued by the company)

Most people start a new job with a lot of ambition, hope and passion. Unfortunately if the right guidance, feedback and opportunities are not provided to these bright eyed, engaged workers – they will begin to become discouraged and bitter. Their shattered dreams and unfulfilled expecations will slowly twist them into every employer’s worst nightmare – a disengaged employee.

The good news is that its never too late to turn things around – if your employer doesn’t want to engage with you, then find one that does.

Happy hunting!