Working, Studying and trying to make it Work

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For many of us education is an ongoing part of our lives. When work takes up most of the week and family time the rest, how can one find the time to study? This article takes a look at a few methods that can help.
When looking at making a studying commitment it is better to start out small, and then after calculating how much time and effort has been required to achieve the results you are looking for, the workload can then be increased if necessary. It is important not to take on too much at once, particularly if you have been away from study for some time.
Most extra mural courses will let you sit one paper per semester and this is probably a good place to start, particularly if you are not certain of how much time you have to dedicate to it.
The following are pointers that will help you succeed in the work/study balance.
Set aside time regularly throughout the week dedicated to study.
Be aware of assignment and exam deadlines and dont leave it until the last few days!
Participate with fellow students to share ideas, either in class or online. (forums)
Dont be afraid to ask questions of the tutors if you are struggling to understand a concept or idea, remember they are there to help you and are in fact paid to help you.
Take time out for family as well. The last thing you want is the pressure of study, full time work and a grumpy family that feel they are missing out on your time!
Night time is best for young families, wait until the kids are asleep, find a quiet corner and get into it.
If you take on to much, it is probably better to drop one paper, than to fail all 3 or 4.
Advise your employers of what you are up to, most employers will help out with study leave and/or aid with the costs of your courses, especially if it is related to your job.
Once you have started upon a course of study try and see it through to the end, obstacles will come up but nothing is insurmountable given the right attitude and frame of mind. Remember a better education will open up doors of opportunity that may have always been closed to you, it is also important to keep an active mind as we get older and there are not many better ways to do this – plus increase your earning potential at the same time.